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Water Solutions for Communities of All Sizes

There is nothing more important to a community than access to pure, clean water. This basic community need is easy to take for granted but the reality is that ensuring reliable access to safe water can be a complex, expensive undertaking for communities. Aging infrastructure, new regulations, and escalating expenses are endangering communities ability to construct reliable water treatment, delivery, and storage solutions.

We are fully aware of the incredible challenges facing communities and we specialize in developing solutions tailored to each situation.

We take great pride in developing long term partnerships with our clients. This means helping communities find and secure funding sources, preparing facility plans, communicating with the public about the project benefits, developing designs, managing construction, and overseeing regulatory inspections.  Though consumers may take access to safe, clean water for granted, we never will.

Communities need safe, reliable drinking water to thrive.

We have helped countless communities with supply, treatment, quality and various other water issues.

Highly Experienced

Over 35 years of helping communities with their water needs.


Great West is accustomed to helping communities comply with local and federal water regulations.

Easy to Work With

Engineering is complicated but working with your engineer shouldn’t be. You will find us to be responsive and easy to work with.

Project Funding

We regularly offset project cost by obtaining competitive grants and loans for water projects.

Our goal is to build a legacy of quality relationships with our clients, and we build that legacy by providing them with the highest level of customer service.