Great West Values

Committed to our clients and employees
Local government grant writing services

How It All Started

Our roots date back to 1984 when President Emeritus Daniel McCauley partnered to form what is now Great West Engineering.  Based in Helena Montana, the budding company quickly developed a reputation for client care and responsive service with the ability to secure funding to offset project costs. Since that time, the company has grown to close to 100 employees with locations in Montana, Idaho, and Washington.  Much of the growth and success can be attributed to the original core values of client commitment, empowered employees, and quality solutions which the company still practices today. 

Our Purpose 

Provide a better quality of life by improving the world in which we work and live and creating a sense of community for our staff.

Professional Services

Applying Core Values



Our diverse background in road and bridge design ensures that every project, from rural creek crossings to major highway expansions, are built for durability. Our staff is familiar with TSEP project requirements and have mastered the grant administration process.


Grant Services

We have two grant experts on staff, including one Certified Grant Writer. We have been helping communities find and receive grants for more than 35 years.



Ensuring reliable access to safe water can be a complex, expensive undertaking for municipalities. Aging infrastructure, new regulations, and escalating expenses are endangering communities’ ability to construct reliable water delivery and storage solutions.



We specialize in helping communities navigate the seemingly endless path of obstacles that stand in the way of wastewater system modernization and increased capacity.


Solid Waste

Though solid waste management is a complicated challenge, it is an essential community need. We pride ourselves in providing our clients clear and concise information to help them make the right decision for their community.



Simply put, we are transportation specialists. We pride ourselves on the ability to recognize future problems and adequately address them before they result in unneeded project delays and cost increases.


Natural Resources

Whether you’re facing flood-control issues, restoring the natural beauty to a river or stream, or navigating through the complex web of environmental permits, we know how to integrate infrastructure into the natural environment to help our clients achieve their project goals.


Parks And Trails

Our professional staff of skilled engineers, scientists, construction managers and inspectors, and surveyors have worked on a number of park projects that have been well-received by their communities, and loved by the community members that recreate there.


Land Development

Great West Engineering has extensive experience transforming client sites into viable developments through detailed assessments and expert civil engineering strategies that focus on turning concepts into reality.