Powder River County, Montana

Powder River County Bridge Project

Great West Engineering assisted Powder River County with receiving a $7-million EDA Grant and a $750,000 DLA Grant for the replacement of four bridges and 18 miles of road resurfacing associated with a FEMA Flooding Disaster in 2019. Great West is providing survey, environmental review, design, and construction administration services for the EDA projects. Great West has also assisted the County with Hydrology and Hydraulic Reports for replacement of washed out culverts meeting requirements of the FEMA Disaster program.

Project Highlights

  • Grant Assistance
  • FEMA H&H Reports
  • Preliminary Engineering Report (PER)
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Survey
  • Design
  • Construction Administration
  • Funding
  • EDA - $7 Million
  • DLA - $750,000

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