Carter Choteau County Water & Sewer District, Montana

Water Treatment and Pump Station

This project represents a simple cost-effective solution to a complex problem – surface water treatment. The Carter water system was under an AOC from EPA to install filtration to achieve filtration to comply with the LT2 surface water regulations or risk disconnection from its only source – the Missouri River. This existing Carter system is rural and encompasses nearly 48 miles of distribution piping, multiple pumping systems, and maintained by part-time operators. This project was centered around the new easy-to-use cartridge filters, an innovative integration of vertical turbine and booster pumps, new chemical equipment and pump house building retrofits. Carter was the first system in Montana to use the cartridge filtration process solely to achieve LT2 compliance. Utilization of cartridge filters resulted in the lowest possible cost alternative for compliance with LT2 compared to mechanical treatment plants that cost over $1-million dollars to construct. The accelerated schedule achieved EPA compliance; DEQ, EPA and the client speak highly of the project and consider it to be a great success.

Project Highlights

  • Custom pumping design with vertical turbine and booster pumps
  • Chemical systems: chlorination and orthophosphate
  • Monitoring and control upgrades
  • Building addition
  • Administrative Order deadline met
  • Preliminary Engineering Report(PER)
  • Design
  • Bidding
  • Public meetings
  • Construction management
  • Regulatory work with DEQ and EPA regarding filtration
  • Surface water treatment using cartridge filtration
  • Grant coordination with Bear Paw Development Corporation
  • Funding
  • TSEP - $252,000
  • WRDA - $85,000
  • SRF Loan Forgiveness - $83,500
  • SRF Loan - $83,500

Project Photos

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