Summer Interns

With summer in full swing, we are excited to share our knowledge and experience with future leaders in the engineering industry.  One of the most rewarding core values we take to heart is empowered employees which extends to our internship program.

For the past decade, Great West has had the pleasure of being the “real world” guide to a handful of selected summer engineering interns.  Each of the interns below assists a senior engineer during the summer receiving direct project experience and gaining knowledge as they prepare to enter the workforce. We are excited to share details on the new faces you might see in our office and on job sites!

Recent News

Jacob Sessions

Billings Office – Municipal Intern
School: Montana State
Projected Graduation: December 2021
Major: Construction Engineering Technology
Originally From: Colstrip, Montana
What Drives Jake to be an Engineer: Growing up I always wanted to understand how things worked and enjoyed building things. My Dad worked at the coal mine in Colstrip and I was always interested in the heavy equipment and all the construction that goes on there. These things led me to purse a degree in Construction Engineering Technology.
Interesting/Fun Fact: I love the outdoors, everything from hunting and fishing to snowboarding.

Jordan Johnson

Helena Office – Municipal Intern
School: Montana Tech
Projected Graduation: May 2022
Originally From: High School in Helena, Montana but grew up in Palmer, Alaska
What Drives Jordan to be an Engineer: I love building things and making stuff work!
Interesting/Fun Fact: I am a published author! Buy Miners and Pilots on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Powell’s!

Stetson Ratzlaff

Helena Office – Solid Waste Intern
School: Montana Tech
Projected Graduation: December of 2021
Originally From: East Helena, Montana
What Drives Stetson to be an Engineer: I want to have a positive impact on my community/ surroundings and leave the world a better place for my future children.
Interesting/Fun Fact:  A few years back I taught myself how to unicycle.

Ty McGurran

Helena Office – Municipal Intern
School: Montana Tech
Projected Graduation: May of 2023
Originally From: Clancy, Montana
What Drives Ty to be an Engineer: Having been an artist from a very young age, being able to design and create not only functioning, but aesthetic structures drives me to be an engineer.
Interesting/Fun Fact: I have lived in Montana all my life and I spend most of my free time either on the water with a fly rod in my hand or in the woods chasing elk with a bow and arrow.

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