City of Harlem, Montana

Wastewater Treatment System

The City was under an Administrative Order to Consent with Montana Department of Environmental Quality because they could not consistently meet discharge permit limits to the Milk River. Great West Engineering completed studies that evaluated wastewater treatment system alternatives and irrigation sites for wastewater reuse on crop irrigation. The City selected the construction of a Storage and Irrigation Lagoon System which eliminated the discharge into the Milk River. Sludge removal was completed and disposed of via land application. The project was complicated with high groundwater. The new irrigation pivot allows the City to irrigate the pivot area Milk River water and treated effluent. The application source rates of each can be adjusted for varied soil qualities throughout the applied area to maintain soil quality.

Project Highlights

  • Lift Stations
  • Force mains
  • Blower Building/Building Rehabilitation
  • New Blowers and aeration main
  • Aerated Primary lagoon (LLDPE lined) with baffle curtain
  • Storage Lagoon (LLDPE lined) for Irrigation
  • Lagoons constructed on difficult soils
  • Irrigation pivot with
  • Effluent and River Water Irrigation
  • Flood Irrigation earthwork
  • Gravity sewer
  • Sludge land application analysis and review
  • Preliminary engineering report amendment
  • Agricultural study
  • Public meetings
  • Groundwater study
  • Land acquisition
  • Rate analysis
  • Floodplain analysis for lagoons
  • Funding
  • RD Grant - $3.01M
  • TSEP - $625,000
  • RD Loan - $1.2M

Project Photos

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Permitting • Treatment • Collection • Inflow & Infiltration (I&I) Studies • Lift Stations • Biosolids/Sludge Management • Preliminary Engineering Reports/Facility Plans