Solid Waste


Project included completion of comprehensive solid waste management plan for the City of Billings. The work also included a 350-acre expansion of the landfill license boundary for the City to secure their long-term disposal capacity.

The Solid Waste Management Plan (SWMP) includes a comprehensive examination of material types and quantities accepted by the City at the Billings Regional Landfill. The report evaluated numerous alternatives for increasing the percentage of materials diverted from the City landfill. Alternatives evaluated include expansion of the existing composting operation, expansion of green waste collection, recycling, construction and demolition diversion and waste –to-energy.

The SWMP evaluated existing facilities adequacy for the next fifty years. The report also evaluated operational activities at the landfill including landfill performance, daily and intermediate cover usage and scale operations. The report developed a 20 year capital improvements plan for the existing landfill. Finally, the report evaluated alternatives for expansion of the landfill license onto 350 acres owned by the City adjacent to the existing landfill. The City obtained the license expansion approval from the DEQ in 2018


Billings, MT

Project Features

  • Comprehensive evaluation of material types/quantities
  • Evaluation of waste diversion alternatives including recycling
  • Evaluation of composting alternatives
  • Recommendations for aerobic windrow composting, construction and demolition diversion
  • Expansion of yard waste collection program
  • Improvements to existing landfill efficiency through implementation of alternative daily cover
  • Development of 20-year Capital Improvements Plan
  • Environmental assessment of proposed 350 acre landfill license expansion area
  • Wetlands and cultural surveys of proposed expansion area
  • Landfill Master Plan for expansion area
  • Hydrogeologic and soils investigation for expansion area
  • Traffic impact study and recommendations for road improvements
  • Engineering, geotechnical drilling and licensing costs $610,000

Project Activities

  • Capital Improvements Planning
  • Data/Environmental Collection
  • Groundwater Study
  • MEPA/NEPA Compliance
  • PER
  • Traffic Study

Project Photos