Madison County/Montana Department of Transportation

Varney and Blaine Springs Creek Bridges

Montana’s Madison River Valley is designated as a Blue Ribbon Fishery by the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks, much of it is accessed by crossing Varney and Blaine Spring Creek Bridges, both built in the late 1800’s. Deemed structurally insufficient, in 1994 the Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) began the process to upgrade the bridges but local residents did not support the project due to improvements not reflecting the history of the area. Residents agreed to revisit the upgrades under the condition original “historic-looking” bridges would be constructed. Madison County, MDT, and Great West Engineering partnered to complete the bridge and road designs.

Project Highlights

  • Bridges designed to carry forward heritage of the area with historic/original appearance in mind
  • New weathering steel through-truss superstructures 130-ft (Blaine) and 250-ft span (Varney) integrating several specialty truss design features, such as decorative lattice vertical members and portal end bracing
  • Road design, environmental process, and extensive public coordination
  • Facilitated funding strategy between MDT, Treasure State Endowment Program (TSEP), and Madison County
  • Conducted numerous environmental studies including a cultural inventory, wetlands delineation, rare plant survey, and hazardous materials survey due to presence of cultural sites, abundant wetlands, and riparian habitat
  • Grant Funding
  • TSEP - $700,000
  • TSEP - $750,000

Project Photos

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