City of Homedale

City Wide Wastewater Collection System Replacement and Advanced Partial Mix Lagoon System

The City has been in a compliance agreement schedule (CAS) with DEQ for multiple years and has been unable to meet their NPDES permit limits as well as the lagoon liners not passing their seepage testing. Great West prepared a DEQ approved facility planning study (FPS/PER), which includes the replacement of approximately 30% of the wastewater collection system (20,000 lineal feet) to reduce significant I&I and replacement of the existing wastewater lagoon treatment facility. The proposed treatment project will replace the existing lagoons with an advanced partial mix advanced lagoon treatment system Submerged Attached Growth Reactor (SAGR), fine bubble aeration system, and UV disinfection. The City’s new IDPES permit includes an Ammonia and phosphorous limit, that will be met with the proposed lagoon treatment system even in the cold climate in this region. The project planning began in September of 2020, project design began in August 2021, construction is anticipated to begin in June of 2022.

Project Highlights

  • Partial Mix Lagoon with Submerged Attached Growth Reactor
  • Lift Station
  • Headworks Screen
  • Fine Bubble Aeration
  • IDPES Permit Analysis
  • Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection
  • UV/Blower Building
  • Preliminary Engineering Report (PER)
  • Public Meetings
  • Grant Writing
  • Rate Analysis
  • 20,000 feet of Collection System
  • Grant Funding
  • USDA RD - $2.13M

Project Photos

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