City of Billings, Montana

Centennial Park

Centennial Park was the first community park that the Billings Park, Recreation, and Public Lands Department has developed in the last 38 years. The project involved feasibility design on irrigation water supply to allow the park to be the first in the City of Billings not dependent on treated City water. Work also included – topographical survey, detailed grading design for mass grading and balanced earthwork to require no import of subgrade materials, parking lot layout and design for three separate parking lots, detailed stormwater analysis to meet City design standards, and design of a bio-retention area to treat stormwater before entering the underground retention/infiltration basins. Additionally, Great West completed water and sewer service design, cost estimating to help prioritize work within available budget, technical specification preparation, and bidding assistance. The project began construction in June 2019. Great West provided full time inspection during utility installation and part time inspection during site grading and sidewalk installation.

Project Highlights

  • Irrigation feasibility analysis
  • Mass grading balance
  • Site-Civil design
  • Stormwater modeling and report

Project Photos

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