Yellowstone County, Montana

Alkali Creek Bridge (Bridge 28-02)

Yellowstone County identified bridge 28-02 for replacement due to structural issues and concerns with hydraulic capacity and overall roadway safety. Great West completed the design, permitting, and construction administration services for the project. The project design was challenging due to the bridge being located in a detailed floodplain and the County wanting to meet the “no-rise” requirements to avoid additional permitting. The design was able to meet the County’s requirements and consists of a pre-cast bulb-tee bridge structure with overflow concrete box culverts. The existing road had an extremely sharp horizontal curve that was a safety concern for the County. Great West worked with the County and adjacent landowner to lengthen the curve and add superelevation.

Project Highlights

  • Hydraulic Design to meet no-rise for a detailed floodplain
  • Road Realignment & Superelevation design
  • Bridge Replacement
  • Overflow box culverts
  • Pedestrian path incorporated on bridge

Project Photos

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