MOLO (Manager of Landfill Operations) Training

Those of us working in the solid waste industry have more than likely heard of the Manager of Landfill Operations (MOLO) certification offered by the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA). While MOLO is a well-known course, many struggle with the cost versus the benefit of the certification. Is it really worth the time and money? The answer is Yes!

It might surprise you that most people working in the solid waste industry did not grow up dreaming of doing so. Most of us fell into the industry, fell in love with it, and never looked back. Unfortunately, this “by-chance” profession tends to limit the knowledge of landfills to a person’s daily work. MOLO gives operators, supervisors, engineers, and others a well-rounded understanding of operating a landfill. It also teaches how landfills fit into the waste industry and sheds light on the “why’s” and “how’s” of landfill design, operations, and environmental compliance monitoring.

The book-knowledge gained through taking the MOLO course is only half of the value. The lessons learned and real-world experiences shared by instructors and classmates is where the magic happens. Connecting with others working in the industry provides students with a pool of resources, provides a forum for open discussion of issues and tested solutions, and matches mentors to those new to the industry.

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SWANA and its MOLO courses have become the industry standard in landfill operations courses in North America and beyond. Passing the MOLO test and obtaining the Landfill Operator certification signifies a level of knowledge and understanding recognized by colleagues and regulatory agencies. Some jurisdictions, such as Washington State, even require their landfill operators to be MOLO certified.

SWANA has some fantastic instructors teaching their MOLO courses, some with decades of experience as landfill managers, operators, and engineers. Great West is fortunate to have a SWANA certified MOLO instructor (Michelle Langdon) on staff. She has taught throughout the western states and most recently taught at the Colombian Virtual Training Center on Landfills. Michelle spent the first decade of her career as an on-site engineer at an Oregon landfill, learning from and working with operators, giving her firsthand experience and knowledge of the planning and operational issues landfills encounter. Michelle applies and shares these experiences and knowledge in her teaching.

SWANA makes taking the MOLO class and becoming MOLO certified convenient by offering the course in many formats. In addition to national and regional training centers, companies, facilities, and jurisdictions can host their own MOLO class or have the class taught at their site.

To learn more about the MOLO course curriculum or to get more info on hosting a MOLO or other solid waste training course at your site, contact us today!


Brandon Duffey Promoted to Billings Transportation Business Unit Manager

Brandon Duffey Promoted to Billings Transportation Business Unit Manager

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