Employee Spotlight – Greg Dye, PE, PMP

Based out of our Boise Office, Project Manager Greg Dye, PE, PMP brings over three decades of expertise in municipal water and wastewater solutions.  Greg has completed projects located throughout the western states, including Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Utah, California, Arizona, and Texas.  With extensive experience serving in lead roles for water and wastewater treatment projects, he brings a unique skill set and additional hands-on experience to Great West’s municipal business unit.  The projects below highlight some of Greg’s unique experience he has gained over the past thirty plus years.

Wastewater Treatment Plant – North Davis Sewer District

The North Davis Sewer District expanded the capacity and upgraded the treatment processes of its existing wastewater treatment plant to comply with upcoming discharge requirements and renovate existing facilities. The District used a progressive design-build approach to design and construct the improvements. The District collects and treats wastewater from approximately 80 square miles with a population of about 200,000 and releases treated water back into the environment of the Great Salt Lake.


  • Process change to a trickling filter solids contact process
  • Hydraulic and process capacity expansion
  • New solids thickening and dewatering facilities
  • New aeration facilities including blower building and basins
  • Expansion of influent pump station
  • Upgrades to influent screening
  • Expansion of water quality testing laboratory
  • Upgrades to power distribution system
Recycled Water Master Plan – Contra Costa Water District

The District investigated an expansion of its recycled water system to include the use of the existing Canal to supply recycled water to a new customer base.  As part of the investigations, the District prepared a master plan for a recycled water system that would be supplied with recycled water from a nearby wastewater treatment facility and discharged into a 48-mile-long canal.  The canal conveys recycled water to multiple decentralized storage and distribution systems located along its length.  An assessment of potential industrial, commercial, and institutional markets; estimate of capital and operating costs; and a conceptual design of the storage and distribution facilities is included in the master plan.


  • Assessed market for recycled water customers
  • Expansion of a recycled water system to incorporate an existing irrigation canal
  • Multiple storage, pumping and piping facilities along the canal
  • Prepared conceptual design and estimated construction and operating costs of new facilities needed for system

To learn more about Greg’s unique experience or to find out how our municipal group can assist your community, contact us today.


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